Birding in Taiwan



Birds in Taiwan

Endemic Species

Collared Bush-Robin


Formosan Magpie

Formosan Whistling-Thrush

Mikado Pheasant

Steere's Liocichla

Styan's Bulbul

Swinhoe's Pheasant

Taiwan Barwing

Taiwan Bush-Warbler

Taiwan Partridge

Taiwan Yuhina

White-eared Sibia

White-whiskered Laughingthrush

Yellow Tit


Endemic Sub-Species

Black-browed Barbet

Black-naped Monarch

Black Bulbul

Black Drongo

Bronzed Drongo

Collared Finchbill

Crested Serpent-Eagle


Oriental Skylark

Streak-breasted Scimitar-Babbler

Vinaceous Rosefinch


More Birds in Taiwan

Black-faced Spoonbill

Black-naped Oriole

Black-throated Tit

Chinese Crested Tern

Fairy Pitta

Japanese White-eye

Malayan Night-heron


SPOTLIGHT ON TAIWAN “Endemic Subspecies of Taiwan birds—first impressions”, by N. J. Collar, from BirdingASIA No. 2, December 2004.  Presented with permission.  BirdingASIA is the bulletin of the Oriental Bird Club.  Please see our Links page for benefits of membership in the OBC.


Vinaceous Rosefinch

Carpodacus vinaceus formosanus

 Endemic subspecies

 Vinaceous RosefinchThe Vinaceous Rosefinch is a medium-sized finch, about 15 cm long.  “Vinaceous” means “wine-coloured.” The adult male is dark crimson with paler rump, white supercilium, and brownish-black tail and wings. Females are olive-brown with vertical black specks.  Their flight is undulating.
The formosanus subspecies is endemic to Taiwan. They are not shy, and may be found in broad-leaved forests and open areas at low and high elevations, but usually at 2000 m and above, sometimes alone, sometimes in mixed parties with other species.
The call sounds like "zi zi zi."  Their diet consists primarily of small worms and seeds, though occasionally they will scavenge through rubbish piles to look for food, hence its nickname of "garbage bird.”
 Female Vinaceous Rosefinches will often clean the area surrounding their nests which are constructed of moss and cobwebs.