Birding in Taiwan




 October 16 to November 1, 2007

Chung-Cheng Gallery of

National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China




The purpose of the exhibition is to promote mutual understanding and friendship among the young generation of the world through exchange of children’s art works.


2.     Organizers:

The Association for Education through Art, Republic of China

The Association of Formative Art Education for the Republic of China


3.     Qualifications for participants:

Schoolchildren aged 6-15.


4.     Works for participation:

a.      Varieties:

Oil painting, water color painting, wood cut print, pencil sketch, crayon drawing, pastel, collage, etching, design, etc.

b.     Size:

Within 55cm x 40cm

c.      Number of works:

The number of art works from each participating country is limited within 60, and that from each child is limited to one only. The following information is requested to be given in English on each entry:

a) Full name of the child.

b)Date & place of birth.

c) Sex and nationality.

d)Name and address of the school or institution.



  No later than April 1, 2007, entries are requested to reach the Association for Education through Art, Republic of China.



6.Committee of Judges:

  Chinese artists, educators, psychologists, and art educators in the Republic of China will be invited to serve as judges on the committee.



  According to the recommendation of the Committee of Judges, certificates and medals will be presented to the selected participants whose works show excellence.



  All communications and entries should be addressed to: The Association for Education through Art of the Republic of China, No.62 Long Jiang RD., Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.


9.Please make a list of the participants in the form supplied by the 38th World Children’s Art Exhibition and attach it to the participating works.


10.For research purpose on worldwide children’s art education, please provide a copy of your plans for art lessons, teaching guide, art curriculum design, or any new method or theory.


11.Identification label

   Please attach the label on the back of the picture.


Printable Identification Label and Entry Form