Birding in Taiwan


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Kuo K.K.

Chairman Yuan Yu Industries Ltd


Mongolian Plover

John Wei

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Hank Tseng


Ten-Di Wu

The Fairy Pitta in Taiwan, a Photographic Essay


Huang Wen-Hsin



Ong Long-Shin














Art Gallery - Ong Long-Shin



Barred Buttonquail


Black-crowned Night-Heron


Black-crowned Night-Heron


Black-crowned Night-Heron


Black-faced Spoonbill


Chestnut-tailed Starling


Chinese Crested Tern


Chinese Egret


Cinnamon Bittern


Light-vented Bulbul


Black-shouldered Kite


Black-winged Stilt


Black-winged Stilt


Black-winged Stilts


Cattle Egret


Common Moorehen


Common Sandpiper


Common Sandpiper


Common Snipe, yawning


Far Eastern Curlew


Gray Heron, stretching


Gray-faced Buzzard


Great Egrets, preening


Great Egrets, nest building


Greater Sandplover


Green Sandpiper


Intermediate Egret, breeding plumes


Intermediate Egret, with fish


Intermediate Egret, yawning


Intermediate Egret


Japanese White-eye


Lesser Coucal


Little Curlew


Little Egret ( juvenile)


Little Egret, breeding plumes


Little Grebe and nest


Little Grebe, feeding young


Little Tern, nest with eggs


Long-tailed Shrike


Northern Shoveler, drake


Ong Long-Shin and Daughter


Oriental Pratincole


Oriental Pratincole


Oriental Skylark


Pacific Swallow


Painted Snipe, female


Pheasant-tailed Jacana


Ruddy-breasted Crake


Snowy (Kentish) Plover, bathing


Snowy (Kentish) Plover


Striated Swallow


Wood Sandpiper


Yellow Bittern


Yellow-bellies Prinia