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Fairy Pitta by Chen Wen Wang
Chen-wen Wang

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Mongolian Plover

John Wei

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Ten-Di Wu

The Fairy Pitta in Taiwan, a Photographic Essay
















Art Gallery - Ten-Di Wu

Ten-Di Wu’s hobbies include wildlife observation and photography.  He has won several photography competitions such “The Beauty of Wildlife”, held by the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute, “The Beauty of Ecosystems” sponsored by the Bagua Mountain Scenic Area Administrative Office, “Hometown” run by the Expansion and Development Foundation, and “The Face of the Forest” put on by the Forestry Department.  Writing is also one of his hobbies.  He received second prize for the Huang-Hsi Reporting Award.

Ten-Di is President of the Changhua Wild Bird Society.  He is a former board member of the Wild Bird Federation of Taiwan.


American Wigeon


Black-naped Monarch


Black-winged Stilt




Bohemian Waxwing


Chinese Goshawk


Chinese Pond Heron


Collared Bush-Robin


Common Greenshank


Common Kingfisher


Common Moorhen


Common Snipe


Curlew Sandpiper


Daurian Redstart,female


Daurian Redstart,male


Ferruginous Flycatcher


Formosan Magpie


Gray-faced Buzzard


Gray Treepie


Great Cormorant


Great Knot


Greater Painted-Snipe






Japanese White-eye




Lesser Sandplover


Light-vented Bulbul


Little Grebe


Little Ringed Plover


Little Tern


Nutmeg Mannikin


Oriental Skylark


Oriental Skylark


Pacific Golden Plover


Painted Snipe, female


Pale Thrush


Pheasant-tailed Jacana


Plain Prinia


Plumbeous Redstart, male


Red Phalarope


Red-breasted Flycatcher


Red-necked Stint


Ruddy-breasted Crake




Saunders' Gull


Sharp-tailed Sandpiper




Striated Heron


Taiwan Bush-Warbler


Vinaceous Rosefinch, male


Vivid Niltava


Water Rail




White Stork


Yellow Wagtail