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Art Gallery - John Wei

Before moving to Canada, John was a high school teacher in Taiwan.  He has been photographing wild birds for more than 11 years.  His photographs have appeared in a Taiwan Wetland Birds identification guide, and a children’s guide to bird watching.

After retiring from teaching and moving to Vancouver, BC, wild bird photography became his passion in life.  He has photographed flocks of Bald Eagles in Squamish, Snow Geese on Westham Island in the fall, and birds at the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary.  He especially enjoys photographing Northern Harriers and Short-eared Owls as they hunt over fields and marshes.

John returns to Taiwan from time to time, and continues to enjoy photographing Taiwan’s birds.  He constantly strives to improve his photographic skills, and share the results with others.



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