Birding in Taiwan



Birds in Taiwan

Endemic Species

Collared Bush-Robin


Formosan Magpie

Formosan Whistling-Thrush

Mikado Pheasant

Steere's Liocichla

Styan's Bulbul

Swinhoe's Pheasant

Taiwan Barwing

Taiwan Bush-Warbler

Taiwan Partridge

Taiwan Yuhina

White-eared Sibia

White-whiskered Laughingthrush

Yellow Tit


Endemic Sub-Species

Black-browed Barbet

Vinaceous Rosefinch


More Birds in Taiwan

Chinese Crested Tern

Japanese White-eye

Fairy Pitta

Black-faced Spoonbill

Crested Serpent-Eagle



Taiwan Barwing

Actinodura morrisoniana




            A medium-sized, 18 cm brown babbler with an inconspicuous short, floppy crest.  Sides of head and crest are dark chestnut, throat is reddish-chestnut; mantle, rump, and upper-tail coverts are gray.  Center of back is reddish brown; breast is olive-brown with pale streak.  Belly and vent are reddish brown.  Wing feathers are chestnut, barred with black; tail feathers are blackish brown tipped with white.  Sexes similar.  Iris, brown; bill, black; legs, pinkish.

            Inhabits deciduous and coniferous mixed forest at 1,200–3,000 m in the central mountain range.

            Active and noisy; with a soft jiao, jiao or when alarmed, a rapid jia, jia.  Lives in small flocks which move agilely among branches catching small insects.  Forages in the canopy and middle storey of forest.  Breeding biology is poorly known.

            Taiwan Barwing is a fairly common resident.

            Local common name, in Mandarin, translates into English as:  “chestnut head, barred-winged bird.”



References:  Endemic Species of Taiwan, compiled by Greenland Ecology Conservation Association of R.O.C.