Birding in Taiwan



Birds in Taiwan

Endemic Species

Collared Bush-Robin


Formosan Magpie

Formosan Whistling-Thrush

Mikado Pheasant

Steere's Liocichla

Styan's Bulbul

Swinhoe's Pheasant

Taiwan Barwing

Taiwan Bush-Warbler

Taiwan Partridge

Taiwan Yuhina

White-eared Sibia

White-whiskered Laughingthrush

Yellow Tit


Endemic Sub-Species

Alpine Accentor

Black-browed Barbet

Black-naped Monarch

Black Bulbul

Black Drongo

Bronzed Drongo

Brown-eared Bulbul

Collared Finchbill

Collared Scops-Owl

Crested Goshawk

Crested Serpent-Eagle

Eurasian Jay


Island Thrush

Lanyu’ Scops-Owl

Oriental Skylark

Oriental Turtle-Dove

Pygmy Wren-Babbler

Ring-necked Pheasant

Streak-breasted Scimitar-Babbler

Vinaceous Rosefinch

Whistling Green-Pigeon

White-bellied Green-Pigeon

White-browed Shortwing


More Birds in Taiwan

Black-faced Spoonbill

Black-naped Oriole

Black-throated Tit

Black-winged Stilt

Chinese Crested Tern

Common Kingfisher

Common Moorhen

Daurian Redstart

Fairy Pitta

Gray-chinned Minivet

Gray-faced Buzzard

Gray Heron

Greater Painted-Snipe

Japanese White-eye

Little Forktail

Malayan Night-heron

White-breasted Waterhen


Brown-eared Bulbul

Microscelis amaurotis harterti

Endemic subspecies

The Brown-eared Bulbul (28 cm) is a large, noisy and conspicuous bulbul.  Its back, wings and tail are grayish brown, its underparts are richer brown, the Taiwan race having a dark rufous breast.  The breast is finely spotted and streaked pale gray.   The head, nape and throat are heavily streaked grayish, and the ear patch and sides of the neck are chestnut.  The bill and feet are black.  The elongated, pointed feathers on the head form a slight crest.  Sexes are similar.  The Brown-eared Bulbul makes a variety of calls such as loud  “shreep”, “weesp”, and “peet, peet” notes.  In summer it frequents deciduous, mixed and evergreen forests in lowlands and foothills, to about 1600 meters.  In winter, it may be found in agricultural country, parks and gardens.


The Brown-eared Bulbul eats a variety of fruits, berries and leafy vegetables and sometimes insects.  It normally occurs in groups outside the breeding season, which is generally April to July.  The female usually lays four eggs in a sturdy,  cup-shaped nest, placed in the lower branches of a tree.  The Brown-eared Bulbul is now a rare resident in the southern tip of Taiwan (Taitung and Kenting), but is still common on Lanyu Island.


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