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A Brief History of Grey-Faced Buzzard Conservation in Taiwan

Trip Report:  BIRDING IN TAIWAN, November (6)7–19, 2006

ANNOTATED SPECIES LIST, November (6)7–19, 2006


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英名:Mikado Pheasant

英名:Swinhoes  Pheasant

英文:Formosan Magpie

英名:Yellow Tit


Peter Candido describes the National Bird Campaign Vote Choices

Jo Ann MacKenzie describes the National Bird Campaign Vote Choices

Rob Butler describes the National Bird Campaign Vote Choices


Hank Tseng Art Gallery Updated


Liao Pen Shing Art Gallery Updated


Kuo K.K. Art Gallery Updated




Birds In Taiwan - New Species Accounts

Little Egret, Chinese Goshawk, Brown-headed Thrush, Northern Pintail Great Cormorant, Black Kite, Dusky Fulvetta, Plain Prinia, Rufous-capped Babbler, Eastern Marsh Harrier

Cattle Egret, Common Kestrel, Eurasian Wigeon, Fork-tailed or Pacific Swift,,Garganey,Intermediate Egret, Lesser Coucal,

Little Grebe, Northern Shoveler, Osprey, Pale Thrush, Russet Sparrow,

Great Egret8u

Scheduled Birding Tour Updates

May 7-20, 2007

July 18-20, 2007 Tour for Chinese Crested Tern (Matsu Tern)

Nov 5-18, 2007


Birds In Taiwan - New Species Accounts

Striated Prinia, Varied Tit, House Swift, Coal Tit, Barred Buttonquail


Phil Rostron on Birding in Taiwan


Birds In Taiwan - New Species Accounts

Ijima’s Leaf-Warbler, Maroon Oriole, Black-crowned Night Heron, Cinnamon Bittern, Yellow Bittern, Streak-throated Fulvetta, White-throated Laughingthrush, Rusty Laughingthrush


Birding Story - Mark Wilkie on Birding in Taiwan


Xie Wen-Yu Art Gallery Added


Birds In Taiwan - New Species Accounts

Spot-billed Duck, White-tailed Robin, Vinous-throated Parrotbill

Mountain Scops-Owl, Collared Owlet, Grey-headed Bullfinch, Green-backed Tit, Brown Bullfinch


Birding in AouWonDa


Huang Wen-Hsin Gallery Updated


2006 Trip Photos

Trip Report:  BIRDING IN TAIWAN, May. 1-14, 2006



2007 Tour for Chinese Crested Tern (Matsu Tern)


Birding Story - Dave & Carol Roelen on Birding in Taiwan


Birding Story - Peter Candido - Re-Tern to Taiwan


Invitation to Taiwan to see the rediscovered Chinese Crested Tern!


Kijja Jearwattanakanok on Birding in Taiwan


Tsu-Sze Temple, Sanshia

The Tsu-Sze (“Divine Ancestor”) Temple, popularly known as the Sanshia Bird Temple, situated in Sanshia, Taipei County, is one of the most magnificent temples in Taiwan.  It is a Taoist temple, dedicated to Chingshuei TSu-Sze (real name Chen Tsao-Yin), born in China during the Sung Dynasty (960–1279).  He became a famous general and was knighted as “Protector of the Country” for his achievements and valour.   Subsequently, he came to be called Chingshuei Tsu-Sze for establishing the Chingshuei Yan Memorial Temple in Anshi County, China.  Hundreds of years later, when people migrated from that area, they brought a statue of Chingshuei Tsu-Sze with them to enshrine as guardian spirit in a new temple that they constructed in the place known today as Sanshia (Sansia, San-Hsia, San Xia), Taiwan. 

More About Tsu-Sze Temple, Sanshia


Birds In Taiwan - New Species Accounts

Besra, Gray-cheeked Fulvetta, White-browed Bush-Robin


New Birding Tour Itinerary Nov 6-18, 2006



Bird Photo National Campaign



Wu Chung-Han Art Gallery Added



            Five Chinese Crested Terns have returned to Matsu Archipelago, Taiwan.  Scientists monitoring the National Matsu Nature Reserve for Terns hope that successful nesting will take place this summer.  These two photos were taken by Chang Shou-Hua  in 2000. August 2006 update


Wang Chen-Wen Art Added


Birding Story - “Coming to Taiwan Five Times in Two Years and Spending More Than A Million [NT] Dollars, 84-year-old Hubert Watched All Taiwan’s Birds”



『台灣特有種及特有亞種鳥類』攝影比賽 得獎名單




Kuo Yao-Chi, Minister of Transportation and Communication and Tsai Dueir, Ph.D., Vice Minister of the Transportation Division, welcome the world to come to Taiwan to try to see the Chinese Crested Tern.  During the months of June and July, special boat trips are available from Matsu Island to the National Matsu Nature Reserve for Terns, on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (one trip each day), for NT$350 (approx. US$11).  The Matsu Wild Bird Society will provide a guide.  Landing on the nesting island is not permitted; viewing is from the boat at a safe distance, so that the terns are not disturbed.  For information, contact Simon Liao,


Photo 1 :Kuo Yao-Chi, Minister of Transportation and Communication. Photo 2: Left to right: Tsai Dueir, Ph.D, Vice Minister of the Transportation Division; Legislator Yang Cheng-Tse; Kuo Yao-Chi, Minister of Transportation and Communication.; Simon Liao, Taiwan International Birding Association.

Chinese Crested Tern photos by Chang Shou-Hua, 2000, National Matsu Nature Reserve for Terns, Matsu.


About Us

The Taiwan International Birding Association in Taiwan and the International Taiwan Birding Association in Canada are two branches of the same organization.  We are a “not-for-profit” society.  Our objective is to encourage birding eco-tourism in Taiwan.

The International Taiwan Birding Association was established in July, 2003, in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.   Officers appointed:  President, Simon Liao; Vice Presidents, Dr. Robert Butler and Dr. Shing Kuo Shih; Executive Secretary, Jo Ann MacKenzie; Treasurer, Karen Shih.


The Taiwan International Birding Association was formally registered as a not-for-profit society on May 21, 2005, at a meeting at the Council of Agriculture, Taipei, Taiwan.  Officers elected:  Chairman, Yang Chung-Tse; Vice Chairman; Lin Maw-nan; Executive Secretary, Tso Chien-hui; Treasurer, Tseng Shu-kai.


Major Sponsors

Wild Bird Federation Taiwan

Council of Agriculture, Taiwan

Changhua Wild Bird Society


CPC Corporation, Taiwan

Government Information Office, Taiwan

 Taipei Economic & Cultural Office, San Francisco


Birding in Taiwan Breaking News

Rare Birds:  Common Crane and Black-chinned Fruit-Dove

            A Common Crane Grus grus and a juvenile Black-chinned Fruit-Dove Ptilinopus leclancheri visited Taiwan in February, 2007.  The crane was at Ilan (Ee-lan); the fruit-dove was at Kaohsiung.  The Wild Bird Society of Taipei classes both as “Vagrant” in Taiwan.

             The Common Crane breeds in northern Eurasia and winters in northern Africa, southern India and Southeast Asia.  It is becoming rare. 

            The presently-known range of the Black-chinned Fruit-Dove is the Philippines and Palawan.  However, some authors recognize an endemic subspecies, P. l. taiwanus, on Lanyu Island.  Its status there is unclear at this time. 

*Ripley, S. Dillon. 1962.  A new subspecies of the Black-chinned Fruit Pigeon IN Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, Vol. 75.


Rare Geese at Ilan  (Ee-lan)

A small party of Swan Geese Anser cygnoides, was present during January, 2007 at Ilan.  A few Bean Geese Anser fabalis arrived at the same time.  Both species of geese are classed as “Vagrant” in Taiwan.

            The former breeding range of the Swan Goose (the ancestor of the domesticated “Chinese Goose”) extended widely across eastern Siberia into northern China and Mongolia, but the present breeding range is severely fragmented.  Swan Goose numbers have been in decline since the beginning of the year 1900.  The remaining population (perhaps only 300–400 pairs) breeds primarily in steppe and forested steppe marshes and lakesides of eastern Siberia.  The former wintering range included Korea, Japan and a large part of eastern China; now it is regular only in a smaller area of eastern China.

            Swan Goose is listed as Endangered on the 2006 IUCN* Red List (as evaluated by BirdLife International) because its population is declining very rapidly as a result of habitat loss, particularly to agricultural development, and unsustainable levels of hunting.

*International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

ĺ ĺ ĺ ĺ ĺ

            The Bean Goose breeds across northern Europe and Asia. The two major wintering areas are temperate lowlands of Europe and East Asia.  In East Asia, the chief wintering areas are China, Korea, and Japan.

Changhua County Begins National Bird Campaign


          The start of the National Bird Campaign was celebrated in Changhua County on January 12, 2007.  Present at the meeting were Changhua County Legislators Yang Cheng-te ; Lin Cang-min, Jiang Zhao-yi; Changhua Wild Bird Society Executive Secretary, Shie Meng-lin, and others.  A presentation was made by Simon Liao of the International Taiwan Birding Association, and former Chairman of the Changhua Wild Bird Society.

            Reporters from eight newspapers were present, including Liberty Times, China Times, United Daily and Apple.  Changhua TV was one of two television stations represented.





National Bird Campaign Begins in Yunlin County

            The beginning of the National Bird Vote Campaign was recognized in Yunlin County on January 15, 2007, at the Yunlin County Hall in Douliou City.   Legislators Chen Xian-zhong (Yunlin County) and Tien Chiu-chin (Ilan County); Magistrate of Yunlin County, Su Ji-feng; Chairman of the Yunlin Wild Bird Society, Chen Ching-jun and Director of Taiwan Sustainable Union, Mr. Xu were among those present.  Legislator Tien Chiu-chin is also President of the Taiwan Sustainable Ecology Society (TSES).

             In the accompanying photograph, they display a temporary “tattoo” of one of the four candidates for National Bird, a Formosan Magpie, on their hands.  Also on the table are packages of erasers in the shape of Taiwan birds.





Taiwan National Bird Campaign Begins

       The official launch of the Taiwan National Bird Vote took place on January 6, 2007, at the White Sugar Cane Hot Pot Restaurant in Taipei. The restaurant is one of many partners in the campaign.  The event was hosted by Legislators Tien Chiu-chin (Ilan County), Yang Cheng-te (Changhua County) and Chen Xian-zhong (Yunlin County).  Among those attending were Speaker of the House, Wang Jin-pyng, who was asked to cast the first vote; Minister of the Interior, Lee Yi-yang; Administrative Deputy Minister of Education, Wu Tsai-sun; Director-General of Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of Interior, Lee Wu-hsiung; Deputy Director-General of Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication, Steven T. Y. Kuo Su; Deputy Director-General of Forest Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Wei Li-zhi; Superintendent of Yangmingshan National Park, Kuo Bu-yun, and Superintendent of Shei-Pa National Park, Lin-ching.

            Children and young people are particularly encouraged to learn about the four birds and participate in the on-line voting.

            Legislator Tien is also president of the Taiwan Sustainable Ecology Society (TSES) a major sponsor of the campaign.

            The media were represented by Liberty Times and China Times newspapers, as well as Eranews and SETTV (San-li Television).

            The National Bird Vote Campaign will conclude at the end of March, 2007.








Pacific Seabird Group to Meet in Taiwan

            The Pacific Seabird Group, an international organization dedicated to the study of Pacific Ocean seabirds and their environment, will hold a conference in Lugang, Taiwan, in early October, 2007.  The event will be co-chaired by Dr. Robert Butler, Senior Research Scientist, Environment Canada’s Canadian Wildlife Service and Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia; Dr. Ron Ydenberg, Professor, Director of the Centre for Wildlife Ecology at Simon Fraser University; Director of Pacific Seabird Group, and Simon Liao, Taiwan International Birding Association.  A planning meeting was held in Vancouver, BC, Canada on December 9, 2006.  Those present were Dr. Robert Butler, Gloria Candido, Dr. Peter Candido, Gail Kenner, Dr. Rex Kenner, Simon Liao, Jo Ann MacKenzie, Tom Middleton, Karen Shih and Dr. Shing-Kuo Shih.



Ijima’s Leaf-Warbler in Taiwan


TIBA Wins at the 2006 UK Birdwatching Fair!


Legislator Tien Chiu-Chin and ITBA in Taipei

            Legislator Tien Chiu-Chin (Yilan County) and Simon Liao (Chairman, International Taiwan Birding Association) meet with three ITBA representatives from Canada, Dr. Peter Candido, Ms. Gloria Candido and Ms. Jo Ann MacKenzie, in Taipei, July 26, 2006.   Dr. Candido and J. A. MacKenzie were speakers at the Chinese Crested Tern Festival, Nangan Island, Matsu Archipelago, July 18–20, 2006.


Photo Credit: Government Information Office, Taiwan.

Only 130Km off the coast of the Chinese mainland, Taiwan occupies a strategic position in East Asia at the intersection of sea currents and navigation routes. When Portuguese navigators sighted Taiwan in the 16th century, they were struck by its tremendous beauty and called the island Ilha Formosa or "beautiful island".

More About Taiwan



Fairy Pitta by Chen Wen Wang
Chen-wen Wang


Mongolian Plover

John Wei


Hank Tseng


Ten-Di Wu

The Fairy Pitta in Taiwan, a Photographic Essay


Huang Wen-Hsin




Jo Ann on Birding in Taiwan

It was an honour and privilege to be part of the first Taiwanese-organized and led birding tour to Taiwan in March 2003. I considered the opportunity to be a special treat because I had been interested in Chinese life and culture since my childhood. Before the trip, I read all I could about Taiwan, the birds and everything else....MORE



Taiwan is a safe country, with good infrastructure, a strong conservation movement, classic mountain scenery, friendly people, wonderful food, and much to offer visitors.

Come with us to enjoy the birds and culture of Taiwan!

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May 1-14, 2006

Nov 6-19, 2006


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Birdwatching in Taiwan,” Parts 1, 2, and 3, are presented with permission from BirdingASIA, the bulletin of the Oriental Bird Club.  (See our Links page for the benefits of membership in the OBC.)  The December 2004 issue (BirdingASIA No. 2) features 59 pages of “Spotlight on Taiwan”, including “Endemic subspecies of Taiwan birds – first impressions”, by N. J. Collar.

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